Senior UX Designer

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Senior UX Designer

At The Main Ingredient we're looking for a
Senior UX Designer to join our team.

Full-time · Amsterdam

Senior UX Designer

We're scouting for a Senior UX Designer with a passion for startups who has shipped several digital products!

We are a Startup Studio located in Amsterdam that builds new companies together with or for independent start-ups and corporates. We come up with innovative solutions, design them, test our ideas in the field with users and then build them into full-fledged products with our own team.

If you ask us, this is a true product design dream; building different high quality products across various industries. In this role you work in a multidisciplinary team with colleagues who are specialized in strategy, UI design, front- and backend development. We always work in an iterative way, making sure we launch new versions of our products often.

Who are we looking for?

You love design and prefer to use your design skills to drive great UX-strategies for digital products and services. You oversee the whole customer journey and know where and how to optimize the user experience to make it smoother or more effective. To achieve this you conduct user research, facilitate workshops, come up with creative solutions, develop prototypes and validate with the target audience. You value craftsmanship, but are driven by creating value for the user.


  • Have extensive experience with user research & service design
  • Work with the end-user in mind and runs quantitative and qualitative research to validate assumptions
  • Know how to share insights in an effective way with the team and stakeholders and know how to turn them into wireframes, interaction design and prototypes
  • Love to dive into a new problem when it emerges and can inspire the team with innovative solutions for complex challenges
  • Can easily switch between working on small details and the overall flow of a product
  • Are familiar with tools such as Figma, Miro and Pitch
  • Can lead design workshops with the team and stakeholders
  • Voice your opinion about the future and the implementation of the product design. At the same time you’re available to support that implementation by being a hands-on member of the design team.
  • Easily communicate with your team members and know to get in touch with the right people when it’s necessary 

Who are we?

We are a startup studio in the centre of Amsterdam (less than 10 minutes away 🚶🏻‍♂️ from Central Station). As startup studio we build our own startups and corporate startups. We take on the role of founder or co-founder for different projects to achieve a strong position in the market. To do this we developed Scan, Build, Grow, our own process to guide every project through all necessary fases as we work towards Product Market Fit.

Examples of products we shipped:

👵🕰💰 Geldvinder - a platform to help the dutch workforce make the best out of their financial situation we built for APG

🚴🏽‍♀️🚙🛴 Hely - an app we built with NS where you can use various types of shared transport from different providers

🛍✉️🌎 Returnista - a retail retour solution available in more than 20 European countries

💶👭🇳🇱 Tikkie - the #1 app in the Netherlands to easily reclaim and transfer money, built with ABN AMRO

🤝🇮🇹💼 Kinety - a tool build and launched by ourselves to stimulate personal and company growth. We went to Italy for a month with the entire team to build and ship this product together.

In short

  • We are (co)-founders of business ventures in various industries
  • We make digital product for, and with, the startups that we build
  • We don’t just design and build the product, but also work with the entire team on concept validation, marketing and branding.
  • We are ‘T-shaped’, everyone has their own expertise, but we also like to broaden our skill in adjacent skill areas

What do we offer?

💡🖍🧠  A lot of space to continue your personal development

🥑🥪🍺  A fully stocked fridge for lunch and after hour drinks!

✈️🎢🎤  Regular awesome team events that might end with a good night of karaoke

🔑💳👩‍💻  Subscriptions and services to get the job done

🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏿‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️  Free bootcamp with the team twice a week

👨‍💻📎🔮  All equipment & hardware you need

💶🤑💰  A competitive salary

🏡💼🏢  A nice office in the center of Amsterdam, with the flexibility to work from home

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Beyond what you can in terms of hard skills you should fit well in our team as a person. We find teams one of the key conditions for success. Show you understand where you'll be working and why you want join us!

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