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Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Senior Developer who is passionate about startups and has shipped multiple digital products. Our ideal developer has a full-stack mindset with more focus on Frontend and the skills to coach others and take them along your development journey.

As a team we become part of the (corporate) startups for which we build our digital products. Furthermore, we focus on developing our own digital products that we can either launch or apply in future projects. We consider this the ultimate product development dream: building different kinds of high quality products and businesses for different kinds of industries.


Who are we?

We are a startup studio in the centre of Amsterdam (less than 10 minutes away 🚶🏻‍♂️ from Central Station). We become part of the team of both startups and corporate startups to shape our projects from the inside out. We take on a temporary co-founder role to achieve a strong position in the market and build an independently functioning team. Once this is achieved we take a step back. Furthermore, we focus on investing in startups and developing our own digital products that we can either launch or apply in future projects.

The work we do varies greatly, because what we choose to develop depends on the type of project we are working on. This can vary between mobile apps, interactive websites, complete SaaS platforms to simple checkout flows, or a combination of all of the above! We always work closely alongside our partner(s) by discussing first versions, sharing our vision for the product and company, and by giving honest advice.

In short:

  •  We are co-founders of business ventures in different industries
  • We make digital product for, and with, the (corporate) startups that we build, as well as make our own digital products.
  • We put focus on investing in startups.
  • We don’t only design and develop our products, but also work within other areas of a business (e.g. validation, marketing and branding) if that is what the business needs at a certain point in the project.
  • Creative and development works closely alongside each other to reach the same goal.
  • We are T-shaped: everyone has their own expertise, but we also like to broaden our skill in adjacent skill areas.

So, what are you going to do?

Lots! This is an exciting opportunity to work with a variety of startups and ventures across all different industries. For the (corporate) startups we work with, you will help to build their company together with us. You'll work as a full-stack developer - since we do not believe in a strict separation between front and back end development. You understand the value of craftsmanship, but creating value for the users is what really matters. You will work in a multidisciplinary team in which business development, creative, front- and backend development come together. We always work iteratively to quickly and often launch new versions of our products.

Examples of products we shipped

🚴🏽‍♀️🚙🛴Hely - an app we built with NS where you can use various types of shared transport from different providers

🛍✉️🌎Returnista - a retail retour solution available in more than 20 European countries

💶👭🇱🇺Tikkie - the #1 app in the Netherlands to easily reclaim and transfer money, built with ABN AMRO

👷🏼‍♀️💬👨🏾‍🔧Homerun - an app we built with ING to improve communication between contractors and clients during a home renovation

👼🏻🗓💆🏼‍♂️Hema 'Billenbox' - a diaper subscription service we built with Hema

👵🕰💰FinancieelVitaal - a platform built with Zwitserleven that gives insight into your financial situation after retiring

💶🇳🇱💳APG Geldvinder - a platform to help the dutch workforce make the best out of their financial situation

What we expect from you?

  • You are proactive in communication and collaboration within a team
  • You have a curious mindset and are interested in how to develop valuable products, not just software
  • You enjoy to coach and mentor developers within your team
  • You’re open to input
  • You have hands-on experience with Agile/Scrum
  • You’re able to understand the impact of long term technical implications within a process and are able to explain these to colleagues
  • You’re able to strategically explain stack choices
  • You like to be involved in setting up architecture
  • You find it important to optimize and standardize processes and value code conventions
  • You’re able to communicate with the client within a project and are able to individually represent The Main Ingredient
  • You appreciate dogs (we have an awesome office dog: Dribbel 🐶!)

Tech Stack

We like to pick ‘the best tool for the job’, this means we vary in our stack choices, with a natural focus on Frontend. Flexibility when it comes to the technology we use is really important as no two companies we build are the same. Node.js, React, React Native, GraphQL (Apollo) and Typescript are very common within our tech stack. However Ruby on Rails and Java are also no stranger to us. We make us of cloud services like CircleCI, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and DigitalOcean. Extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS is vital. We host our repo’s on Github, knowledge of CI / CD strategies and affinity with DevOps in a broader sense is quite desirable.

Our Team & Culture

Whereas other companies might say they are like a family, we rather compare our team to a sports team. We do not only simply work together, but we motivate and challenge each other. We strive to get the best out of everyone, and we of course want to win! To do that we need a good strategy, talent, skill and a lot of practice to work as effectively as possible as a team and most importantly to trust one another. To build that trust we think it is crucial to show a true interest in each other and have an open and informal atmosphere. We share a lot, not only work related, but also personal things. Knowing what drives you, what your goals and ambitions are can make all the difference. We believe that by sharing these topics and by having regular check-ins with each other we can boost both personal development of our team members and the development of the company as a whole and the ventures that we help build. Next to that we compete with each other on different levels as well, if it is on the PlayStation or during one of our old-school board game nights!

What do we offer you?

  • Lots of variety in projects
  • Room for your own initiative and creativity
  • Fun and talented colleagues in an open and informal atmosphere
  • A work environment where you will learn a lot and where you are challenged daily
  • A unique position in a growing company where you can really make impact

Our Perks

🥪☕️🥑Food & drinks to keep you fueled

👨‍💻📎🔮All equipment & hardware you need

💶💡🖍Personal development possibilities

🎢✈️🎟Regular awesome team events

🚄🛸🚲We'll help pay for your commute if needed

🔑💳👩🏼‍💻Subscriptions & services to get the job done

🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏿‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️Possibility for personal training together with the team twice a week

How to get hired?

Beyond what you can in terms of hard skills you should fit well in our team as a person. We find teams one of the key conditions for success. Show you understand where you'll be working and why you want join us! 

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